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Our Story

At Kamolz Diesel we provide knowledgable, high quality services for commercial diesel fleets in and around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We also service any diesel equipment, such as fork lifts and generators, in the field and in the shop. Our passion is to keep you running!

Our mechanics are all experts in different areas of diesel maintenance and repair, and we’re confident that we can help you focus on what’s in front of you. We understand that your diesel is your worker, and if it’s not running well…you’re not making money. Our goal is to give you peace of mind through our fleet service plans, after hours, and on-site services.

Below is the story of our shop owner, Travis Kamolz. Kamolz Diesel is a family owned business run by faith based principles, and with integrity of work and pricing. We would love the opportunity to serve you, so please contact us here, or call us at (918)970-4412 today!

AboutUsGrowing up in Woodward, OK, I learned a lot of great lessons and skills from my dad, that he had learned from his dad. I learned the value of a dollar, the importance of integrity, and how to work hard. These are all things that I’m excited to pass on to my son as well. My other grandpa was a mechanic, and had his own shop in Fairland, OK. I remember people driving from miles away to have him work on their vehicle. He was fair, took pride in his work, and valued being honest with his customers. I grew up learning everything I could from him, and am proud to have the same focus and pride in my business that he had. No matter how deep or involved a job is, you can trust that I will treat it with care and do it right.

My journey as a mechanic started at WyoTech, where I received an education and hands on experience with professional equipment and tools. After that, I worked at a popular classic car shop in downtown Tulsa, soaking up knowledge from extremely experience mechanics and fabricators. From there, I moved back to Woodward, OK after my dad passed away, and worked at a shop that specialized in diagnostics. That’s where I honed my diagnostic skills, and fell in love with diesels. While I was working there, I also got my first taste of entrepreneurship. I started taking side jobs, and loved the challenge and excitement of working for myself. I worked on a Ford Diesel for a customer, and he offered me a job working in the oil fields as a mechanic and fabricator. After leaving the oil field, I maintained fleet trucks and trailers for another company. In all of these jobs, I never really felt satisfied, and kept thinking of how much I loved those side jobs, and working for myself.

That’s when Kamolz Garage was born in Woodward, OK. My wife and I decided that my side job might as well be my day job. We found a small garage, and hit the ground running. I built up trust and respect with my customers, and had a great business there. After a year, my wife and I decided that we wanted to raise our family in the Tulsa area, so we closed the shop and headed east to Bixby, OK. I took on some temporary work as I looked for a great location, and a few months later…I found the shop at 151st and Memorial. That’s when we opened Kamolz Garage in Bixby.

We formally changed our name to Kamolz Diesel in 2016 to represent our real passion in our industry. We enjoy working for the working class. We work hard every day so you can keep working hard every day, and that’s the way we like things. We are now located at 525 N Armstrong in Bixby, OK, and are available to travel with our work trailer to most areas of north eastern Oklahoma.

We are a full service shop that specializes in diesel maintenance, repair, and performance. Call us with any questions you have, or click on the Contact link and fill out the form. We will respond as quickly as possible!


– Travis Kamolz